Innovation Integration Workshop CANCELLED

The I2 = Innovation Integration workshop that was scheduled on Thursday, May 4 at the Zanesville Muskingum County Chamber of Commerce has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

If your organization is interested in participating in the workshop when it is rescheduled, please contact us.

We offer "Lean Six +" Targeted Workshops

You know we're here to help you with the Lean Six Sigma methodology, but did you know we provide targeted sessions to help your team ignite process improvement and innovation?

Zanesville City Schools enhances student education with process improvement training

Twelve Zanesville High School (ZHS) Juniors earned their Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification while learning the Lean Six Sigma methodology under the facilitation of Master Black Belt Brad Hollingsworth. In addition educators and administrators completed their Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Educator Black Belt certifications to provide the opportunity to even more ZHS students.

Hollingsworth Consulting awarded competitive contract to provide demand forecasting services

Access Services (Access), the Los Angeles Consolidated Transportation Services Agency that administers the paratransit plan for 46 public fixed route operators across Los Angeles County has awarded Hollingsworth Consulting LLC a five-year contract to perform demand forecasting services. The competitive requests for proposals stipulates that at Access’ sole discretion, the contract may be extended for up to five (5) additional years in one-year increments.

Hollingsworth Holiday Trivia

In celebration of your support of Hollingsworth Consulting, join us for some Holiday Holiday Trivia fun for a chance to win one of several Amazon eCards! Participate by close of business on December 23 to be eligible to win. Winners announced in early January.

Understanding the Kaizen Rapid Improvement Process

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and efficiency. Hollingsworth Consulting facilitates Kaizen rapid improvement process sessions that encourage teamwork and personal discipline to identify problems, then develop solutions and a plan to implement and measure the proposed solution.

Updated Process Reduces Wait Time for Customers

Using Lean Six Sigma methodology during a Kaizen event, facilitated by Brad of Hollingsworth Consulting, a team reduced the time for placing orders for their customers. Once the root causes for the longer process were identified, Brad coached the team as they identified solutions and implemented them.

Pike County CTC Students Earn Lean Six Sigma Certification

Pike County Career Technology Center Engineering Technology students participated in Lean Six Sigma training earning Yellow Belt and Green Belt certifications. The first training was made possible thanks to funding from The Ohio State University Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP).

Avoid the turnover blues with lunch & learn September 28

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics more than four million people quit their jobs in industry in January 2022, including 322,000 from manufacturing. During this free lunch and learn session, employers will gain insight into things they can implement right away to attract and retain quality talent.

Can I learn to Innovate and Improve?

Being innovative, is a trait that has been considered as more innate and hereditary as opposed to being self taught or trained. The truth is, being innovative can be learned.

Through Hollingsworth Consulting’s approach to simplify and achieve, we breakdown Elon Musk’s innovative process according to his interview by the Wall Street Journal.

Three Steps to Prevent Losing Customers

“It is not about you. It is about them.” Simon Sinek describes the best approach for your organization to pivot during a crisis. Otherwise you risk losing customers.

The “Voice of the Customer” provides you with insight about “them.” It is fundamental in Lean Six Sigma.

Click here for three steps to prevent losing customers.

Three Tools to Open Doors for Change and Grow Your Impact

Change is essential for both survival and growth. It is complex and challenging for organizations.

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” W. Edwards Deming

Want to grow the impact of your organization? Learn more about opening doors for change with three tools including: Gemba, ...

Three Questions to Break Down Barriers Preventing Missed Profit and Impact

People don’t change until they feel the heat. Everyone is feeling the heat from the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies such as Toys R Us and Kodak failed to respond when they felt the heat from competition.

“If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”

The key to change is reducing barriers.

Click here to schedule a FREE session to identify your barriers to making needed change.

Want to become a change agent? Learn more about reducing barriers with three questions including:

  1. What step moves the organization closer to the desired outcome?
  2. What is a compelling cost ...

Click here for the three questions to help you lead change.

Inaction costs Billions: Four questions to close the gap

The costs of inaction are high. Toys R Us faced mounting threats for more than a decade but chose the status quo. They went from 800 stores to two. Click here for a free session to identify the threats driving the need for change.

Change is necessary. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerates the pressures to immediate and larger threats. We’ll cover four simple questions to begin the process of leading change such as:

  • What is the change your organization needs?
  • What are the barriers in the way of this change?

Three Questions to Adapt in a Rapidly Changing World

Everyone is experiencing uncertainty from the Covid-19 pandemic, the black lives matter movement, unemployment instability, upcoming elections, etc … Don’t allow your organization to be paralyzed and doomed by this uncertainty.

Adapt in this rapidly changing world. Convert threats from an uncertain economy into business opportunities for profit and impact.

Click here to register for a FREE session to identify the unique threats preventing your organization from enduring and reaching its full potential.

We’ll cover three simple questions that will lead your organization to maximize profits and grow the reach of your impact. The first question after we identify threats experienced in uncertainty: What have you learned from the “Threats” to create a new strategy?

Should You Really “Embrace the Suck?”

Leadership Coach Rachel Thalmann challenges us to “Embrace the Suck” of the Covid-19 pandemic in her recent article reflecting on thoughts from a POW survivor. Well known companies are failing as a result of the pandemic because they don't adjust after this punch in the gut.

I faced a pivotal moment 5 years ago, and learned from that “gut check.” Today, I am an Ironman and a successful fundraiser. Your organization will grow profits (income) and thrive by responding to questions such as: “What did I learn from the Covid-19 pandemic 'gut check'?”

Avoid Leadership Mistakes During a Crisis

A crisis in the present stops us from thinking about the future. We discuss the importance of strategic thinking and share 4 simple questions including:

  • What are those impacts to your customers?
  • What drastic changes have you made to the way you operate?
  • What opportunities do you see when we exit this crisis?

These 4 questions will prevent problems caused by overreacting. They will create a vision for your team.